by Evelyn Zajac

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released January 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Evelyn Zajac Chester, Virginia

I'm what the kids call "Progressive"

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Track Name: Valleys
For what?
It's all
for naught
Track Name: Friends
I love all of you! Yes, this is very true! I am so proud of you. All your dreams will come true.

You are beautiful. So full of potential. You make me proud to say I met you on this day.

You are amazing. Your soul is blazing, with such a passion, in a loving fashion.

I love you! I will always believe in you!
Track Name: Clockwork
marionettes dancing in the stars following the sun and all of its kin.
wind-up soldiers marching in the night controlling the sky they will bring the end.

there is something i should tell you the clockwork men are no heroes
walking to the endless beat of solar systems, galaxies, they
will not show us any mercy, they are the gods' nasty machines
dare to speak up, dare to protest, and their power you won't contest

the galaxy's being destroyed by the hands of these evil toys
consuming entire planets they'll come for us next, i'm sure of it
i can see their shadows looming, and can hear their footsteps booming
pack your things we need to go now, god have mercy don't strike us down

there is no where else to go now, please be strong and keep your voice down
we are going to run away, hopefully someplace will be safe
i love you so much don't cry now, i am going to count down now
3 2 1 RUN